Sew days are simple: we have a large room reserved, and a few hours before the meeting to get together to work on our individual projects. If you have something you're struggling with, there will likely be a member available to help. All are welcome. Bring whatever you're working on and get to know your fellow PhxMQG members. 


Packing for a sew day can be tricky.  Here's a retreat packing lists that may be of use:

  • Extension cord!

  • Sewing projects – precut projects work well but not required

  • Sewing Machine with cords, foot control and accessories, book and tools

  • Various presser feet (walking foot, darning foot, ΒΌ inch foot), depending on your projects Machine needles, bobbins, canned air, machine oil, lint brush

  • Heavy-duty extension cord and multi-plug surge protector

  • Rotary cutter, Cutting mat, Thread, Scissors or thread-nippers, Seam-ripper

  • Various rulers needed for your projects

  • Desk lamp or other auxiliary lighting

  • Ironing surface, iron, water spray bottle

  • Chair cushion for extra padding and height while sewing

  • Small trash bag for scraps, thread, etc. at your work area

  • Hand sewing project (for relaxing or in case your machine fails)

  • Books, patterns, magazines for your projects and to share with others


Come sew with us before the meeting!

Sewing maching quilting

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