September 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2020

Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

President opened the meeting and asked for new member/guest introductions and celebrations.

President Report


· National resources are part of your membership

· Weekly calls

· Pyle Center meet-up day: October 3rd

· Next month: Kim Davis bag tutorial!

Treasurers Report

Balance: $967.87

Incoming: New members ($38.24)


1. Blair Stocker ($500)

2. Whole Circle Studios ($400)

3. Navajo Relief Efforts (228.79) – Postage reimbursement & machine repair

Vice President

Block lottery and swaps – we will pick them up on October 3rd trunk meet up.

Challenge quilt details – we are planning the December meeting to be outdoors, more details to follow.


Called for motion to approve August meeting minutes -

Website will be updated in the coming months, look for changes.

Committee Announcements

Show and Share: Members shared their quilt projects.

General Session ended.

Guest Speakers:

Blair Stocker – Zoom session for registered attendees.

Meeting Adjourned

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