PHXMQG Meeting Minutes July 11, 2020 Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

President opened the meeting and asked for new member/guest introductions and celebrations.

President Report

  • Pyle center is closed – we don’t have an open date yet. We will continue to have our monthly meetings virtually until we all feel it is safe to return to meet face to face.

  • We will continue to have weekly check-ins virtually.

  • Welcome new members

  • Open board and chair positions for 2021- Elections will be in September

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Programming Chair

  • BOM chair

Treasurers Report

• Reported balance with no incoming

Vice President

Block lottery and swaps – we will continue to make them and determine the best way to do the swaps – maybe we will do them all at once when we are in person again. We will keep you posted.


Called for motion to approve May meeting minutes

Linda S. motioned

Kate K. seconded

Minutes approved.

Committee Announcements

We will work on a way to do swaps in person this fall - no touch, no contact, but in person.

All swaps are posted on the website.

Donation Quilts:

Linda can put together kits for those who want to contribute to donations

Kate still collecting - through the end of the year

Show and Share: Members shared their quilt projects.

Update on Donation drive for Navajo Elders

We will schedule a day to drop off donations

Pam S. is organizing a plane drop in October.

Kelli W. gave a Zipper tutorial

Names we pulled for door prizes – all prizes will be mailed to winners.

Meeting Adjourned.

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