November Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

PHXMQG Meeting

NOV 17, 2018 1pm HBC


  • Introduction of new members & guests

Secretary Report

Approval of meeting minutes

  • Motion by Gretchen

  • Second from Vicki


  • December 12/15/18 1PM, Holiday Party. Address available to those who RSVP.

  • Need to RSVP on website by DEC 1, so we have headcount for food- Postinos is catering! YUM!

  • Many fun surprises in store! No formal meeting but door prizes, great food and games!

  • Do bring your Sew & Share

President Report

Door Prizes

  • Ceil

  • Gretchen

  • Mel

  • Judy

  • Faunna

  • Erynn

  • Holly

A year in review! What a great year!

  • So much great involvement from all the chairs- two quilt bees (Faunna & Tracy), TONS of charity (Bonnie Kate and really the whole guild!), wonderful addition of New Member & Outreach Chairs- seeing lots of growth in our guild! (Erika & Kirsten), Swaps (Anna), fun games and quilt documentation by our hospitality chairs (Kelli Nedra & even Mandi), BOM (Mel & Lindsey for the pattern), great AMH workshop and lecture (Michelle & Holly), initial planning for a show next spring (by Brooke Vicki Kate & Cristy). Instagram account over 1000, guild membership over 100! MQG Instagram takeovers!

  • GREAT participation on all the block swaps! Hearts, Summer chairs, Christmas Trees, Fishies, Polaroids, Tiny Houses, and now the sweaters!

  • JAN- Social Media Workshop

  • FEB- Galentines Mtg & Sew Day

  • MAR- St Pattys Day Green FQ Swap, Lecture & Trunk Show by Gina Perkes

  • APR- Farm at South Mtn… Also the AMH Workshop & Lecture

  • MAY- Spring Cleaning!

  • JUNE- Another fun Sew Day

  • JUL- Our new home for the year, HBC!

  • AUG- Demo Day!

  • SEP- Great Modern Block Competition… Also Sew Day at Copper Needle!

  • OCT- Train Park

  • NOV- Business & Photography Shoot

That brings us to… DEC, teaser…

  • But before that, we have some business from the board. Quick recognition of Danna for stepping in early to help cover for Erynn out having baby. Recognize Erynn and all her work to transition to the new awesome website this year, and for working with me to keep us all informed and organized on so many platforms- emails, sign ups, website and social media! Cristy and all her help with Sew Days, location planning, and our new enamel pins! And for staying on board for another year (YAY!). And to Sara … discussion of financial business and all her hard work to make us legitimate!

  • So- in summary- THANK YOU! For your participation and encouragement- this year of service to you all has truly challenged and grown me in many ways! I am blessed!

  • Announce Service Project Gift- aprons for church nursery, thank you to Copper Needle for the fabric and to Erynn for assembling all of them!

  • Our Elections took place in September. New Board: Mari, Cristy, Kate & Danna

  • Let Mari know if you’re interested in a chair for 2019. New board will launch at January meeting

Block Lotto for NOV: Ugly Sweater Block will continue at December meeting for more participation - applique version of pattern is totally allowed or FPP! Get pattern here!

Lightweight Hoodie Sweatshirts. $35 each, we have extras! Contact Amber (president@) to coordinate collecting yours if you ordered!

Nov 30 quilt con entry deadline, make sure you sign up to get your free pass - even if you were a member before Nov 3, they'll no longer be available after. Do it just in case!

VP Report

  • Ordering labels for charity quilts etc

  • Ordering batting for charity quilts for the guild

  • Member Enamel Pins will be available after meeting

  • Planning show for next year, exhibition only, details to come, if you're interested in helping, reach out to Cristy with ideas, to help

Treasurer Report

Annual budget review NOV

  • Implemented accounting software

  • Doubled in size

  • 2019 DUES will open soon, stay tuned - try to renew before Jan 31

  • Dues will stay same, $40, joining local gets you into national guild, no extra expense

  • National membership cards available (discounts)

Bylaw update, add clarifying points of existing job role:

  • Additional bullet: It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to ensure authorized bank account signers are updated by January 31st each year and should include two members of the Executive Board

  • Additional bullet: Maintain annual filing requirements of the Form 990-N with the IRS as well as provide financial reports to National Quilt Guild

  • Update to the second existing bullet: Maintains the PhxMQG Paypal and Chase accounts

Guild Funds:

  • In $950

  • Out $99

  • Final balance $6000

We have a large balance that should not roll over to 2019...

  • Need to spend money because we are a non profit

  • Allocate funds to show

  • Set up guild for charity work next year by purchasing batting and labels

  • Party, and....

Scholarship fund:

  • Allocating funds to work with local charities that are important to you (could be a cash donation, could be purchasing something for them)

  • Email Treasurer if you have an idea of somewhere that could use or help or donation

  • Tell us what organization, why, contact info for charity

  • Needs to be a recognized non-profit, 501c

  • Due Dec 9

Committee Announcements

  • Hospitality [Nedra/Kelli] - thank you for a lovely Member Spotlight on Tracy!

  • New Member / Outreach [Erika & Kirsten]

  • Block of the Month [Melissa] - what a great year! Collect your Nov and Dec blocks now! Sewing machine was last month, pin cushion this month with some applique, and buttons for next month! Note from Lindsey 0 some people have chosen to leave off the word "Buttons", something to consider. We hope you have fun putting it all together!

  • Charity [Bonnie and Kate] - Thanks for a great year! We've had a lot of donated quilts this year, many thanks to the members who have helped with each and every step of the process.

  • Info online of did groups, how to contribute, how to submit a charity you'd like to see us make things for

  • Programs [Michelle] - Workshop reschedule will be TBD with Cristy's 2019 schedule

  • Bee [Faunna/Tracy]

  • Finishing up for the year, reach out if you have orphan blocks, Faunna has a December group returned online

  • Sign Up Genius for 2019 Bee - complete before December mtg

  • Swap [Ana]

  • Sew & Share: complete a small descriptive summary of your quilt

  • Photos by Gretchen's husband, many thanks!


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