March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 3

Meeting opened with the Guest Speaker and virtual Trunk Show

General Meeting:

President opened the meeting and asked for new member/guest introductions and celebrations.

President Report

· Announced fund raising options will be available soon

· April program will be Kathy Schreck

· Pyle center will not grandfather us in to their schedule once they re-open.


Secretary Report:

Call to approve the minutes from the January meeting

· Polly approved

· Claire second

· Minutes approved

Treasurers Report

· Treasurer’s report

New Member Chair

· Welcomed new members: 32 pins were sent out

· Opened floor to new member introductions

Charity Chair:

· 2 hat drop offs completed (50+) “Let’s be better humans project”

· Will schedule an April Charity drop / pick up day – there is a need for new socks

Member Spotlight:

Sharon Flanagan-Hyde

Patti- gave a presentation of some of the postcards from the exchange we did with Cholla.

Block of the Month Chair

Kim gave an update on the BOM and showed the blocks for the next month.

Laura will create an Instagram story with all the blocks members have shared.

Block Lotto Chair

All submissions were shown on screen, winner was selected: Patti, then Rich – they gave to Barb Brandt.

Show and Share

Door Prize drawing

Meeting Adjourned. 2:55pm

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