July Meeting Minutes

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

JULY 21, 2018 1pm

Harvest Bible Church, North Phoenix


  • Introduction of new members & guests

  • Welcome!

  • Membership is discounted for the rest of the year, gets you into national guild, $20, on Shop page of website

Secretary Report

  • Approval of May 2018 meeting minutes (no official meeting in June)

  • Motion to approve, Jen

  • Second, Kirsten

  • Approved

President Report

  • Happy to be hosted by Harvest Bible Church! We will be there the rest of the year (except October/December). Will have sewing time available frequently.

  • Please help with clean up so we can keep using this space and sew in it. Bathrooms are down the hall.

  • Modern Quilting is down the street if you need anything, Hobby Lobby is next door to them

August Meeting Info:

  • Demo Day, 5-10 minute demos of a tool, technique etc

  • Cristy - TBD

  • Erika - Leaders & Enders, work on 2 projects at once!

  • Becca - Wefty Needle/Fabric Weaving

  • Gretchen - Flange Binding, easier than you think!

  • Nedra - Pineapple Trim tool, a great way to use scraps

  • Tracy - Half-Square Triangles without duplicates

  • Bonnie - Station Cutting Charity Quilts

  • You can show up at 12:30 to set up if you are demoing. Meeting will be at 1PM and quick so we can get to the demos.

MQG Info

  • QuiltCon quilt submissions are now open. Enter your work for consideration into the juried show.

  • Our Modern Quilts Museum Exhibit opens June 29th at Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York. Check it out if you're in the area!

  • QuiltCon registration is now open — there are still plenty of great workshops and lectures, Check out the catalog and schedule here.

  • Changes for QuiltCon 2019 include the Awards Ceremony moving to Wednesday evening, and the addition of Sewing Lounges!

2019 Board info

  • Planning to transition Erynn’s role early due to baby coming in October

  • If you are interested in a board position (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), you need to let Amber know ASAP.

  • Hoping to have slate ready in August, official election will be in September

  • Potential chair positions (BOM, Swaps, Charity, etc) can let Amber know now, but those positions will be appointed by the new board. We will pass requests onto the new board

Wee-treat to Strawberry

  • Plan was for Sept 21-23, Sewing @ Copper Needle Sept 22, 9-5

  • Not enough interest for a retreat, we will coordinate a sew day at Ginas, show of hands? Need 12 people to sign up or else cancelling Gina’s too.

  • $20 to reserve a spot, returned to you in the form of a store credit on the day of the retreat

  • Information will be on the membership section of the website (you'll have to request access if you haven't accessed before)

Block Lottery

  • Draw raffle ticket for July winner, Cotton & Steel Lawn Chair blocks

  • Congrats Ana!!!

  • August Block will be: Modern Christmas Tree by Amy Smart, reds/greens/whites

  • Modern Trees by Diary of a Quilter

  • Bonus ticket if you make 10

Misc Updates

  • Claire is on Instagram!! @cvquilts

  • Door prizes:

  • Jelly roll, congrats Sharon

  • Scissors, congrats Catherine

  • Holiday pattern, congrats Lori

  • Tessellation mini pattern, congrats Denise

VP Report


  • We have ordered enamel pins

  • One pin will be included with your membership!

  • $9 if you'd like an extra one, order online, limited quantities but we can order more

  • Will be available for pick up at meetings beginning in August (hopefully - if not we will keep you posted)

Treasurer Report

  • We have money! Formal numbers to follow when the Treasurer returns from vacation!

Committee Announcements

Hospitality [Nedra/Kelli]

  • Thank you July Birthdays for snacks!

Block of the Month [Melissa/Mari]

  • Rotary cutter, thread was last month

  • Ruler this month! Super easy!

  • You can still join! Sewology, by Pen + Paper, $10 guild rate

Outreach/New Member [Erika/Kirsten]

  • Upcoming trunk shows

  • Patti and Rich from Cholla came to visit us from a prior trunk show

  • If you're in another guild who would've interested in having speak, let Erika and/or Kirsten know

  • If you'd be available to help at a trunk show, specifically Friday mornings seem popular….

Swap [Ana]

  • Aug- Low Volume Swap

  • No sewing!

  • This will be her last swap, so bring it!!

  • A HUGE THANK YOU to Ana for doing an amazing job with swaps for the past two years, she will be retiring after the August swap and we'd love to see someone take over with just as much gusto

Charity [Bonnie/Kate]

  • One in Ten

  • Log cabin blocks and quilt kits with Kate

  • Easy, fast quilt patterns: one layer cake and one charm pack with snowballed corners (see picture)

  • Plenty of patterns out there like this one, just google!

  • We always need people to help with various phases of quilt construction, everything from piecing to quilting and binding. At the moment we are out of tops that need to be quilted, but we have KITS for piecing available!

  • Signups are ongoing for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. This year's theme is small piecing. Will you or your guild be participating this year? (Sign up by Oct 8)

Bee [Faunna/Tracy]

  • Bee meets after meeting

  • Hive 2 is taking July off

  • For August Bee Hive 2 will be working on Charity Blocks for Kate

Show [Brooke/Kate]

  • No official announcements this month

Programs [Michelle]

  • On vacation this month

  • Cristy is going to host a fall workshop (likely November) for us, and we get to choose which class!

  • We'll put out class descriptions and have voting soon


  • Lightweight sweatshirts, super cozy

  • Voting on colors to come

  • $40, minimum order of 36

  • If we don't get enough participation for the minimum order, we'll cancel and refund

Sew & Share


Sewing time until 3:45PM

Thanks for all of the help tidying up!

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