January Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Agenda

January 20, 2018 1-4pm Pyle Center, Tempe


  • Introduction of new members (8!) & guests

  • African Kelli

  • The Unlikely Quilter

  • Melissa LaRay (oh how sweet)

President Report

Note from the Prez- Thanks so much for being flexible (and even early) to help us settle into our new space at the Pyle Center. As we are renting the space, we will start promptly with the business meeting at 1pm- but we have the room starting at 12:30 so come early to grab a snack, check out sign-ups, and grab your spot. We are working to reserve the room again for next month’s sewing name tag workshop! It’s an exciting year ahead for the PHXMQG!

  • We’ll be starting promptly at 1, so come early at 12:30 to park, get a snack and get settled in!

  • Brief review of the agenda for 2018

  • January – Instagram Workshop & Panel

  • Includes professional blogger and some guild members

  • February – Organizational Meeting, Nametag Workshop

  • To help with making quilty name tags - hospitality chairs will lead

  • March – Anna Maria Horner Workshop end of month

  • Holly & Michelle will take lead on this as Program Chairs- Sign ups are next month!

  • APRIL- Outdoors

  • May – Speaker, or Jelly Roll Race

  • June – Staycation Retreat

  • Pine-Strawberry Show (2nd weekend in June)

  • July – Sew Day, Christmas in July Workshop

  • August – Demo day/potluck, Elections

  • September – Great Modern Quilting Bee Season 3

  • Take an old block and make it modern

  • October – Outdoor Meeting

  • November – Organizational Meeting (bylaws, committee chairs, budget)

  • December – Holiday Party Potluck

  • Website Refresh and Launch

  • Calendar on the website will be updated with ALL events and details

  • Includes meetings, sip & sews, shows & submission deadlines

  • Erynn, Erika, Candace have done lots of work on bringing over to new site, thank you!

  • Instagram has link to new website. Still working on transferring the domain. Members received link in email.

  • Check Instagram for details, follow our IG page and make sure to interact. Our account has grown from 600 to over 900 in a short time, and we’ll have cake when we get to 1000 followers!

  • February Meeting space PENDING!

  • We’ve also been invited to Scottsdale Quilts by the airpark for a SEW DAY before they move locations

  • For a saturday we will email members to set date

  • Shop moving in March to Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Block Lottery for February is 9” HEARTS by Cluck Cluck Sew

  • Red or pink hearts with Kona Snow in the background (quilt shop quality fabrics)

  • Block lottery is …

  • http://cluckclucksew.com/2015/01/making-heart-blocks-in-multiple-sizes.html

  • Swag Bags still available for sale on website, I have some today!

  • $12 each

Vice President Report

  • Bigger room is available for a sewing day in future

  • Holds 50-100 people

  • This (Globe) is one step down up to 50’ish which was cozy for our large group!

Treasurer Report

  • Pay 2018 Dues by January 31st to stay on the roster

  • Balance as of last meeting $1633.11

  • Money in: $1725 (membership and BOM)

  • Money out: $65.27 (PayPal fees)

  • New balance: $3292.84

Secretary Report

  • Approval of December 2017 meeting minutes (didn’t happen)

  • Other announcements, website launch info will go out

  • Pouches for sale

Committee Announcements

Block of the Month [Melissa]


  • Thank you Lindsay!!

  • First block is Spools of Thread, which Melissa presented

  • Pattern is pretty easy!

  • If you purchased, see Melissa at end of meeting and she will pass out the pattern

  • Normally sells for $25

  • Ordering Sewology shirts in lieu of PHX MQG shirt (order yourself)

  • Everyone who signed up received the Introduction (gives monthly basics)

  • Patterns are distributed monthly

  • Ana shared her work so far

  • Can we mail patterns? Yes, give us addressed / stamped envelope and we will mail monthly (Mel to handle)

  • Mel shared her 2017 completed sewology quilt!

Swap [Ana]

  • Amber explained SWAPs in general

  • Bring to the February meeting - pincushions (no tutorial necessary) .. go to Instagram for hashtag pin cushion. Make any pincushion you want!

  • March & April - Ana to give demo on how to sew a zipper on vinyl, and how to put on a snap (for May swap)

  • Zippers on vinyl - teaching us how to put zipper on top - use wonder tape (no iron!)

  • May - peek a boo vinyl pouch

  • August - low volume FABRIC swap (no project)

  • September & October - Ana to give demo for the November bucket swalp

  • November - scrap fabric bucket swap made from a FQ

  • Everything is free and will be on the website!

  • Everyone wants the cactus pincushion pattern!

Bee [Tracy & Faunna]

  • Finishing up last year- where are we?

  • The chair from last year said that she has February (due back in March) and that is the end. Instead they are just ending with this month and doubling up starting now.

  • Tracy says we need to end at end of year to match memberships in future.

  • Tracy gives overall description of the Bee

  • Must use free pattern or clear with pattern owner

  • How many are interested in the Bee?

  • Tracy has organized a sign in/ out system to keep track of blocks

  • Angels - somebody who “stands in” and makes your block for you

  • 16” in the max size

  • Intended to 1-2 hours to make

  • Sign Ups & Announcements - will occur during breakout

Show [Kate & Brooke]

  • Amber - may be a full blown show or simply a showcase exhibition for our members… may be year or year and half before we put this on, more details to come

  • Amber introduced chairs

Program Chairs [Holly & Michelle]

  • Amber announced, Holly and Michelle not there

  • We are working on another workshop for the fall, retreats (full getaway & mini), Joint Shop Hop with the Tucson MQG.

  • Feedback welcome regarding who we want to see

Technology [Candace]

  • Still polishing website and making sure everything is secure

  • We will begin approving new members once the website is finished and migated

New Member [Erika & Kirsten]

  • New role for the guild to help us as we grow

  • They will serve as a point person for new members and outreach

Charity [Sharon/Bonnie]

  • QuiltCon Quilt - rotates East Cost to West Coast each year

  • Sharon shared the 2017 charity quilt

  • Thanks to Carol, who’s block was used to make the squares

  • Mulqueen’s donated the fabric for the back

  • Darlene did the quilting

  • We will donate to the LV Quilt Guild

  • 2019 Quilt Con in Nashville!

  • Bonnie will be new charity chair

  • She read all the surveys and made a page for each charity in a binder. Wants person who suggested a charity to be the sponsor for that charity

  • Ventura Fire blocks - there is interest. We will send a link. BRING Ventura blocks to next meeting.

Hospitality [Nedra & Mandi]

  • Name tags workshop in February after business portion

  • Details to come

  • Will share examples

  • Not an official name tag

  • Snacks for Birthday month

  • December babies can pick any month

  • Sew & Share new format w form for info

  • Treasure Chest may be brought back

Door Prize Drawing

  • Lunden Designs patterns: Sea Feed Quilt & Pointed Arrow Quilt DONATED BY FABRIC WORM

  • 20 drawings - lots of winners - yay! Challenge for someone to make their quilt this year

Other Announcements

  • SEW & SHARE will be posted to IG

  • Quilt Bee Sign-ups, we’ll have 2 bees and there are still a couple spots if interested

WORKSHOP - Instagram


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