January 2019 Meeting minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Agenda Saturday January 12, 2019 , Pyle Adult Learning Center, Tempe AZ


Introduction of new members & guests

President Report

Door Prizes --three prizes were raffled, one additional prize was added by Laura (Boxy tote kit with hardware), thanks Laura! Barry won the scissors, a silk pearl thread kit was won by a new member and the Boxy tote kit was also won today.

New Board: Mari, Cristy, Kate & Danna

Block Lotto for FEB: Kate showed the blocks. Find the block here: https://carterquilter.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/scrappy-four-patch-heart-quilt.pdf

The block if from a free pattern from Cindy Carter, her blog is here: https://carterquilter.wordpress.com/

VP Report

  • Batting for charity quilts: Faunna has the roll, batting is available for making things for charity.

  • Labels for charity items: see Cristy to get a label, let’s label all the items we make for Charity so recipients know where the quilt came from. There was a discussion about how this is very practical because often quilts become heirloom pieces and in the case of children with medical issues children form an attachment to the item and we want them to have a connection to where it came from in case they ever have questions, etc. Cristy shared how her daughter has some items that are significant to her and she would love to know where they came from to express her thanks.

  • Guild Pins: 2018 and new 2019 members can get one pin with their membership, additional pins are available for purchase and listed in the Guild shop on the website.

  • Working on updated list of shops that offer guild discount and shows--you’ll need to show your MQG card for this. These card usually come in early in they year.

  • Meeting space (?) for Feb.: the Pyle Center is booked, we considered many other options. Kate W. offered her home for the Guild to meet. Thanks Kate! Bring a chair to the next meeting, it’ll be outside on Kate’s patio and there is plenty of room for everyone.

Treasurer Report

Full update on financial situation and annual budget review

Need to vote on the November bylaw change proposal relative to tax filings, reports with National, and updating bank/paypal each year. This was voted on and approved.

  • 2019 beginning balance: $3800

  • Debits: $250 Donation, $850 location rental

  • Pending BALANCE: $2700

  • 2019 DUES will be paid after JAN 1 this year for accounting purposes, we’d like all members to pay their dues ASAP, the deadline for payment before we submit our Guild dues to National is 2/28/19.

  • National membership cards will be available once we get them from MQG: this can get you discounts at local retailers, Cristy is updating this information and once the list is created and verified it’ll be on our website.

Secretary Report

  • Approval of meeting minutes-Mari took care of this for us. Kristy motioned for approval, Kelli seconded.

  • Danna has updated the Swap and BOM sections (under the programs tab on the website)

  • Calendar will be updated with meeting locations so you can plan ahead.

  • Committee members, send Danna any requests for website updates for your pages

  • Sweatshirt orders: see Danna after the meeting if you paid for one.

Committee Announcements

Hospitality [Kelli]

Kelli has a member profile to share today! (We have one vacancy for a second hospitality committee member) She shared Nedra’s profile, thanks to Nedra for co-chairing hospitality with Kelli last year!

New Member / Outreach

[Erika & Kirsten--Erika reports we have an upcoming presentation to another Guild in Sun City next week.

Block of the Month [Laura]

  • Stellar Stars! It’s not too late to join, in fact the timing is exceptional. Don’t forget that Guild members receive a nice discount on the BOM (plus videos!).

  • In addition, all 2019 BOM finishers who show their quilt top (it just needs to be pieced) at the Jan 2020 Guild meeting will receive an enamel pin!

Charity [Bonnie]

Bonnie is the rep for JFCS, Danna will be updating the charity section of the website

1/3/19: Faunna will take over as 1 in ten rep for charity.


  • We announced the vacancy and are fortunate that two Guild members volunteered to run programs for this year: welcome Barry and Francine! We are excited to see what you create for us this year.

  • Cristy’s Workshop reschedule: tba

  • Programs chairs suggested having Guild demos on the sewing time before the meetings, they will work on some things so members can improve their skills and get exposure to a variety of techniques.

  • Announcement of the Guild’s desire to host Tula Pink and how this is a long term project that we’d like to get working on right away.

  • Questions were raised about whether we can host workshops that are no cost to Guild members, leadership noted this is an intention, however it just depends on the projected and actual costs to host workshops. Guild members however do get a reduced rate for all workshops and events.

Bee [Faunna/Tracy]

This month we are working on block for Charity, make sure you sign up for the Bee and apply for a month, the final schedule will be determined by Faunna and Tracy.

Swap [Barbara & Clare]

  • February Swap is a pin book and marker, the pattern is up on the blog and under the programs tab of the website (under the 2019 Swap section); Danna will be adding additional swaps if folks want to work ahead.

  • March Swap is up on the website/blog, it’s a thread catcher.

  • Sew & Share: complete a small descriptive summary of your quilt

The Guild has been asked to be featured in the March Arizona Quilt Guild Show. For dates, visit their website: https://www.azquiltersguild.org/events.php?ID=243

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild will be the special exhibit for this Quilt Show so we’ll be looking for submissions for the show. More information will be disseminated soon.


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