December Meeting Minutes

  • November Meeting Minutes – motion to approve, motion was seconded

  • 2017 membership signups will be online only and include a new form to be filled out with contact information, please look for this information in an email soon!

  1. Please speak to the Treasurer if paying online is absolutely not an option

  • Action Item: board members to evaluate distribution of birthdays for bringing food, December birthdays to bring something special (ie drinks) to future end-of-year potlucks

  • January, February and March meetings will be held at Mulqueen’s in Mesa.

  1. Action Item: Secretary to send a detailed email on location and parking

  2. Action Item: Vice President to check space availability for all chair positions to meet one hour earlier than regular meeting (12 noon)

  • Block of the Month

  1. Thank you to Johnnie for a great 2016 of BOMs!

  2. Final 2016 BOM is a present/giftbox, demonstrating the skill of half-rectangle unit, utilizing the MQG tutorial; as a special note, make sure to make two opposite units for the mirror image of the present’s bow

  • 2017

  1. Think about what you would like the guild to do in 2017, if you want us to bring anyone in for a class/workshop/lecture

  2. Carrie Bloomston – Bonnie has a connection and Carrie has offered to do something with the guild

  3. Action Item: Board to follow up with Bonnie

  4. Block of the Month will be chaired by member Melissa Wong

  5. Smorgasbord pattern will be executed throughout the year

  6. Different blocks feature traditional piecing, foundation paper piecing, and applique

  7. By the end of 2017, you should have a whole quilt top!

  8. Swaps! Member Ana Martinez will be chairing swaps for the guild in 2017

  9. In January, we will be swapping Pixie Baskets, see website for more details

  10. Over the course of the year, we will plan to swap lanyards and keyfobs (Ana has hardware connection), Box Bags, Shoe Bags (with a drawstring)

  11. Any additional ideas are welcome, the January email has already come out

  • Heartland Challenge

  1. Finished quilts and quilt tops were shared and photographed (see IG for images)

  2. Voting took place via tickets/cups

  3. Results:

  4. First place to Holly H. for her (Nordic-Inspired) Village Dwelling quilt

  5. Second place to Kirsten for her Sweater-Inspired design

  6. Third place to Erynn for her QCR interpretation of Winding Ways

  • Potluck deliciousness, several rounds of LRC with Fat Quarters, and challenge quilt photographs were taken to conclude the meeting

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