August Meeting Minutes

Updated: May 25

August 18, 2018 1pm

Harvest Bible Church


  • Introduction of new members & guests

Secretary Report

  • Approval of JULY 2018 meeting minutes:

Motion by Amber

Second by Mari

Approved by Kristen

President ReportSeptember Meeting Info

  • GPMSB block posting on Friday, Aug 31

  • Sign up to reserve your spot here:

  • Details as to how the challenge works

  • This year will be start at 9:30AM, finish by 1pm meeting to present and vote at the meeting!

  • Prizes- free dues for 2019! If 25 people participate 1,2,3 place receive dues. Sign up today. If less than 25 people sign up, there will only be one winner. So sign up!

MQG Info

  • New website & member portal, you will receive an email to set up your new login and PW.

  • Michael Miller Hash Dot Fabric challenge bundles

  • Everyone who signs up for the challenge should submit their final quilt to the Fabric Challenge category at QuiltCon — like other categories, this category is eligible for judging and awards up to $1,000!

September Sew-Day at Copper Needle in Payson, AZ 9/22, 9-5pm

  • $20 to save your spot which turns into a $20 shopping credit upon arrival

  • Have spots left, Email Erynn for spot and she’ll invoice you

  • The shop has just been expanded.

  • Strawberry Inn discount code: available in the member’s only section of the website

Election for 2019 Board Slate

  • Co-Secretary Position, approve motion today-approved; Erica motioned, Kelli second; all in favor.

  • Election for 2019 Board at September Mtg: President- Mari, VP- Cristy, Treasurer- Kate, Secretary- Danna

  • Mari shared about herself, enjoys modern quilting. Cristy will stay on as VP. Kate whose been leading the 1:10 and will be the treasurer.

  • Must be present in September to vote

  • They will have lots of time for planning and we will transition at the November meeting. November meeting will be co-led. The new board will appoint chair persons so reach out to them after the September mtg if interested; we have 15-16 chair positions in existence.

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

  • Proposed change to bylaws - board members get fees waived.

  • Motion: Gretchen, second from Fauna

  • All in favor, (majority), no opposed. The motion is passed.

Door Prizes

  • Three prizes won!

Garment Sewing Meet-Up

  • From Lauren of @rosegardenln (details also on her IG)

  • Arizona is planning a social meet up for sewists in our area. I am so excited about hosting this event in Gilbert AZ on October 11th. I am thrilled with turn out so far and hope to bring all aspects of the sewing community closer together.

  • The event will include light appetizers, a cash bar will be available, fabric swap, pattern swap and indigo dye demonstration and raffle prizes sponsored by many businesses in the sewing community.

  • Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite by searching "The Arizona Sewcial" tickets are $25 pp and proceeds are going to fund the event space, food options etc.

  • Any questions can be directed to the secretary email address or directly to Lauren on her IG

Lightweight Hoodie Sweatshirts

  • $35 each, MOQ is 36 so once that many people order and pay we will order them-Guild can pick two colors, images/words will be screened in white.

  • We need at least 35 people to pre-pay for the sweaters before we place our order.

  • Color- two choices and sizes: Navy Triblend or Teal Triblend

  • Available in the Shop

VP Report


  • Included with your membership! Current members can sign out their pin today. Amber will have them during demo day.

  • Cristy has gotten extra backs (the plastic ones fall off easily)-so make sure you get one with your pin.

  • $9 if you'd like an extra one-this is available on the website.

Treasurer Report

Total balance: $6,576.09 at July 31st

Money In during July - $220, breakdown:

*project bags: $10

*membership: $120

*block of the month: $10

*cooper needle reservations: $80

Money Out during July - $9.98 (PayPal fees)

Committee Announcements

Hospitality [Nedra/Kelli]

  • Reminder: there’s a box for name tags & we encourage everyone to wear a name tag so we can easily get to know one another.

  • Member Spotlight: Fauna. :)

  • Birthdays bring a snack

New Member / Outreach [Erika & Kirsten]:

  • Erika-between July & August we have 18 new members. 7 new members are today at the meeting; many guests today (9!).

Block of the Month [Melissa]:

  • Ruler (Pen and Paper Patterns); next month is the scissors block. The Guild can pick up both the August and September patterns today.

Show [Kate & Brooke] Show Committee:

  • April: quilt show, suggesting 9am-2pm; there will be a deadline for entry and to send in a photo, information about the quilt and they will put together the volunteer duties/positions-that should come out about 2 months before the show. We will ask the mayor of whatever municipality who will have “Mayors Choice Award.” If you want to join the committee, talk to Brooke.

Charity [Bonnie]

  • Quilt Kits at Hobby Lobby: 18 kits prepped today. There’s a post on the website that Bonnie posted today.

  • We have a new charity to donate to (bringing it to three organizations we donate to)-JFCS; quilts will go to seniors involved with case management services; there are about 90 seniors who get gifts during the holidays. (We will complete what we can and you can determine to what degree you want to be involved. Bonnie has kits with her today including batting, etc.)

  • Signups are ongoing for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. This year's theme is small piecing. Will you or your guild be participating this year? (Sign up by Oct 8)

Programs [Michelle]

  • Cristy applique fall workshop-between turned edge and raw edge.

Bee [Faunna/Tracy]

  • Bee meets after meeting/before demo day

Swap [Ana]

  • Aug: Low Volume FQ’s.

  • Sep: No swap

  • Oct: No swap

  • Nov: TBA

Block Lottery

Sew & Share: complete a small descriptive summary of your quilt.



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