April Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Agenda Saturday April 13


Introduction of new members & guests

President Report:

Farewell to Mari… Cristy will be the acting President until the position is filled.

Position updates/announcements:

Communications! Welcome Kelli.

Acting Secretary - Katie W. Take official vote for Katie at Secretary:

New President election notice:

Please let us know by April 19th if you’d like to run for President.

We will vote for our new president at the next meeting on May 11th. No absentee votes.

The executive board will be updating the bylaws to include guidelines for executive board vacancies. Updated bylaws will be posted to the website and will be available for review for 30 days.

Vice President Report:

Store Discounts are being updated. We will list them on the site before the next meeting and will update them as we hear from other stores. In most cases, PhxMQG discounts cannot be combined with other discounts and you must show your MQG member ID card. Remember that MQG member cards are now digital. To access your the digital card, log in to your MQG account, click on My Dashboard, then click the orange Membership Card link.

Confirmed Current Discounts:

Sun Valley Quilts - 10%

Bernina Connection - 10%

Purple Daisies Quilting - 10% off online with the code: PhxMQG

Modern Quilting 10% off on meeting days only

Checking on Mulqueen’s

Door Prizes -

I'm interested in having someone assist me in reaching out to companies for door prizes/giveaways. If you're interested, please let me know.

Secretary Report

Approval of the meeting minutes from March:

motioned by: Erynn Truex

seconded by: Kimie Tanner

Treasurer Report

From March:

Balance: $2,341.37 (paypal $260.95, Chase $2080.42)

Money In: $175 in membership and BOM dues

Money Out: $517.50 City of Tempe Fees

Debits: ($2717.21)

National MQG $1530

City of Tempe: $415

-T-shirts are $15 payable by paypal or check. Everyone should have received a SignUP Genius email to reserve their size and there is a link to PayPal from there. We also still have four long sleeve shirts available

-Riley Blake Fabric Challenge has arrived. Please see Kate for your fabric if you signed up for it.

-The second half of the payment to Pyle where we host most of our meetings is due next month.

-National Pins should be coming soon.

Committee Announcements

Hospitality [Kimmie/vacant]:

Member Spotlight

Discussed posting the member spotlights on the webpage

New Member / Outreach [Erica & Kirsten]-

Block of the Month [Laura]

Charity [Bonnie & Faunna]: Linda, Announce charity for fallen officers, Bonnie would like someone to take the lead on making quilts for guild members who are in need.

Linda has 12” and 8” block kits available for members to put together for fallen Salt River Police officer.

Programs: [Francine & Barry] :

Sewing supply swap for May

Bee [Faunna/Tracy] :

Swaps [Barbara & Clare]

Programs: Francine and Barry

Block Lotto for May: "Violet" with black backgrounds. Pastels/earth tones for petals. See attachments.

Snacks: [Barb]

Sew & Share: members shared quilts they’ve completed.

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