April Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG meeting at The Farm under a nice, shady tree


  • Guests

  • Barbara! Ana's sister from Kansas

  • Judy Z, friend of Ana's from Maricopa

  • Francine is a new member! Just moved from Germany


  • Approve March minutes

  • Kate motion

  • Sharon second

  • May meeting will be back at Tempe Escalante Center Brio/Bravo room, same side as last time just not as far down the hall


  • Money in $330, membership and AMH fees

  • Money out $1149.97 AMH, fees, room expenses

  • New balance $8027.09

  • Membership cards available if you need, contact Sara

Block of the month

  • Melissa

  • Last month was the cross stitch block

  • This month is the seam ripper, pretty straightforward

  • Next month is the iron!

  • April and May patterns are available (Mel won't be here in May)


  • Ana has snaps for vinyl

  • Peek a boo pouch swap in May, see new page

  • Pattern link and YouTube instructions

  • Tape for zippers helps! Link, Wonder Tape by Dritz

  • Teflon foot - this is the time to try it if you have it

  • Put your snap on before the pouch goes together

  • Tape or clips are great to hold RST when you see around

  • Snap practice available!!


  • Bonnie

  • New charity page under Projects, info on all if the charities we are doing work for, a form if you're interested in adding one, and groups in need of a liaison

  • Quilts for Humboldt, needed by May 18

  • If you didn't turn in today, you're on your own to send in!

  • If you know anyone interested in practicing longarm…..

  • Kate

  • Thanks for the blocks!! Great for a good-sized twin!!

  • Kits will continue, do we want to keep doing the log cabin blocks or change up the block?

  • We will keep the log cabin for now

  • Finish at 14.5”, start w 2.5”SQ

  • Fabric donations welcome!

  • Easy to do twin size patterns

  • If anyone wants to quilt, we can use the help!!

  • If you're interested in assembling tops is also a need

Show and Tell


  • Meet after meeting


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