April 2021 Meeting Minutes

PHXMQG Meeting Minutes

April 2021

Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

General Meeting:

· President opened the meeting.

· Announced we are recording this meeting, as a test only and will not be posting anywhere.

President Report

· Announced new Tech chairs

· Please fill out the survey with feedback about the website.

· April fundraiser is next week – open to all, but we will not be publicly advertising, social distancing and masks are required.

· May program – doing a meeting swap with New Hampshire MQG. We attend their meeting on May 2 at 9:00am, then they will attend ours.

· Merchandise poll with design options for merchandise will be going out to our membership.

· We are invited to Cactus Patchers meeting on 4/13 6:30pm to attend their guest lecture.

Breakout session:

Question for Breakouts. What is your favorite and least favorite step in the quilt process

Secretary Report:

Call to approve the minutes from the March meeting

· Barb B approved

· Kathy S second

· Minutes approved

Treasurers Report

· Treasurer’s report

Charity Chair:

· More hat drop offs completed (50+) “Let’s be better humans project”

· 7 quilts dropped off to one&10 last week

· Charity Block request – shades of grey and jewel tones. Will be posted in newsletter

New Member Chair

· Welcomed new members: Opened floor to new member introductions

Block of the Month Chair

Kim gave an update on the BOM and showed the blocks for the next month.

Laura will create an Instagram story with all the blocks members have shared.

Block Lotto Chair

All submissions were shown on screen, winner was selected: Kelli H. won the blocks

Show and Share

Door Prize drawing

General Meeting adjourned:

Guest demonstration EPP with Kathy S.

Meeting Adjourned.

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