11.22.2013 November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Minutes

Date:  November 16th, 2013

20 people present

1:00 PM Welcome 1:25 PM Call to Order by President Tiffany

New Members/Guests: one new member

Thanks to Bonnie for bringing snacks

Secretary’s Report: Rebecca filling in. Minutes from October approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Alissa didn’t have the numbers on her but one membership incoming and one purchase of stamps outgoing (numbers were emailed after the meeting).

(Beginning Balance: $1,258.72 Money In: $15.00 Money Out: $9.20 (stamps) Ending Balance: $1,264.52)

Nominations:For the 2014 board there was only one nominee per position. The nominations were approved and seconded. President: Samantha Linehan Vice President: Michelle Hart Treasurer: Alissa Clark Secretary: Becca Whaling  (Johnie Scofield takes photos for other groups she participates in and has volunteered to assist with photography) Chair Position Volunteers Swap – Chelsa Knight Bee – Danny Hospitality – Bonnie Show & Tell – Nedra Charity - ?? BOM -??

President’s Report:

Upcoming events: December 21st, 12-5 – at Chandler Police Stations, Holiday party potluck and annual fabric swap. Chelsa was not present so Alissa explained the swap. Text prints or low volume prints were discussed with final guidelines to be determined.  Each participant will bring 2 yards of fabric cut into 8 fat quarters to swap.  Also signups for the potluck were explained.

Giveaway:  Johnie won the Pink Chalk fabrics bundle and $20.00 gift certificate. Danny explained how our Vitamin D Bee works and how her online Stash Bee works.  Also, several tips for bee block selection and resources were presented. For more info on the virtual bee go to http://stashbee.blogspot.com/

Breakout Sessions:  Danny and the Viatmin D Bee met Triangles on a Roll--Nedra presented Triangles on a Roll, giving an overview of the history of the product and demonstrating their use in a variety of quilts. Three giveaways were awarded with Tiffany, Danny, and Johnie as the winners.

Adjournment: 3PM Vitamin D Bee Meeting

**Special thanks for Rebecca for filling in for Angela and taking the minutes **

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