06.17.2013 Member Spotlight # 2--Samantha!

Here is another member spotlight post.  Meet Samantha Linehan!

Q: When did you start quilting? A:  I started to teach myself some quilting about ten years ago.  I have been more serious in my quilting in the last four years.

Q: What would you tell a newbie that you wish you had known when you started? A:  Take classes!  You can learn so much from just taking a single class, and the more the better!

Q: Have you always considered yourself a "modern" quilter? A:   I am just starting to realize that the quilts I am drawn to are called "modern".  I didn't realize that before.  I just knew I didn't like the old style really floral patterns.

Q: What’s your favorite sewing/quilting tip? A:  I pride myself on having 1/4 inch seams.  Everything fits together like magic if your seams are accurate.

Q: Do you have a favorite quilt block, pattern or designer? A:  There are so many that I like.  I really like all the different ways you can make a log cabin quilt and the different designs that come out depending upon color placement and block placement.

Q: Do you have a favorite notion or tool you can't quilt without? A:  Not yet.  I hope to explore more.  I do like Mary Ellen's Best Press.

Q: Do you quilt your own quilts? A: Yes, for the most part.  I want to learn free motion quilting so I can stop stitching in the ditch!

Q: What’s your favorite part of the quilting process? A:  I love seeing the small pieces of fabric come together in blocks and then a whole quilt top.  I love it when the top looks as good or better than I imagined.  And I love sewing the binding on and seeing the whole finished project.  I really feel like I accomplished something!

Q: What part of the quilting process do you dislike or struggle with? A:  I have the most trouble with the actual quilting.  I don't know how to free motion quilt yet, but I am planning on taking some of Alyssa's tutorials to try to learn!

Q: Do you design your own quilts? A: I tweak patterns that I like mostly.

Q: What inspires you to create? A: I love making things for others who appreciate it.  Recently I've made a lot of baby quilts or other sewing projects as baby gifts.  But I find inspiration everywhere, and I always have a million ideas on my list of things I'd like to make someday.

Q: Do you do any other crafts? Which ones? A: I have dabbled in beading and scrap-booking.

Q: How many quilts have you made? A:  At least 6 completed quilts, countless quilt tops waiting to be finished, and plenty of other quilted projects like bags, place-mats, and table runners.

Q: What are you working on now? A: I just finished a memory quilt for my son's preschool teacher.  I am making a set of place-mats currently.

Q: What do you wish you knew how to do (quilt related) and hope to learn? A: Right now, my main focus is on free motion quilting.  I would love to learn the techniques and be able to quilt bigger quilts on my small machine.

Q: Do you have quilt related business that you want to share with us? A: I really like Sew from the Heart in Scottsdale.  I have taken many classes there over the years and have learned a lot.  They are always so nice and helpful.  And the projects I've made are really great! 

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