05.20.2013 May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild MINUTES

Date:  May 18th, 2013 at Scrapbooks, Etc.

37 people present (my count)

1:30 PM Call to Order by President Tiffany


Secretary’s Report by Angela: Presentation of the Meeting Minutes from April 20th, 2013.  Minutes approved and seconded.

Treasurer’s Report by Alissa:

Previous Balance $886.81

Money In $98.97 (2 new members, one paypal and one cash + donation for Alyssa's lecture)

Money Out $0.00

Balance $985.78

President’s Report:

Chairperson/Committee Reports: 

Angela announced next challenge-Paper Piecing, we will share in July, and details are on the blog.

Chelsa announced the next swap which is a favorite things swap for June, details are on the blog.

New members and guests introduced themselves.  We welcomed Summer, Holly, Rachel, Samantha, Jana, Bev, Sona, Sue, Kelly, Kim, Tori, and Susan to the meeting. 

Ann and Limbania shared their flags for Boston.

We presented the pink quilt to Limbania.  Members made blocks and BJ and Jacki put the quilt top together and Sarah quilted and bound it. 

We had a short break so that people could get any supplies they needed in the store and so that the Vitamin D Bee and Skillbuilder BOM could meet.  Kirstin got her blocks and Alissa handout out fabric and a pattern for a wonky star block to the Vitamin D Bee members.  Four members had their Skillbuilder BOM’s done for April and shared them.

Tiffany thanked Nedra for providing snack.

Activity:   Workshop:  Danny taught Embroidery stitches

Danny shared her knowledge for the supplies we need for embroidery and then taught us how to do several different stitches (running, back, lazy daisy, satin, split, chain, stem and French knot).  Most members followed along on the elephant pattern we got in our kits.  Some members worked on other handwork or practiced the stitches on something else.  A big thank you to DMC for providing the floss and needles for our workshop.


Janice won the Pink Chalk Fabric bundle and gift certificate door prize and Roxanne won the Skillbuilder BOM participant drawing. 

Adjournment: 4:30 PM

THANK YOU TO SCRAPBOOKS, ETC. for welcoming us to their shop for our meeting!

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