04.21.2013 April 2013 Meeting Minutes

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes

Date:  April   20th, 2013

27 people present (all Board members except Lisa present)

1:15 PM Call  to Order by President Tiffany

Tiffany welcomed everyone and had our six guests introduce themselves (Michelle, Stella, Sarah, Sue, Carrie and Wanda).  We showed our first donation quilt and asked for volunteers to quilt it and Sarah volunteered, Christi and Alyssa also volunteered, but Sarah took it and the batting, backing and binding (donated by BJ and Jacki) to get to work on it. 

Secretary’s Report: Presentation of the Meeting Minutes from  February 17th, 2013.  Minutes were approved and seconded. 

Tiffany asked for volunteers for Treasurer since Lisa needs to step down for personal reasons.  Alissa Clark volunteered, no one else was interested so it was unanimous and she is now treasurer.  Lisa will train her in and pass off materials.

Treasurer’s Report: (given by Alyssa our Web Designer)

We have five new members brining in $125.00, $3.09 in paypal fees, and $10.61 in meeting supplies so our balance (we think, we weren’t sure if we were reading the report correctly) was $885.78.  **Lisa can you put the right number here for the minutes?**

New Business:

Danny will be teaching an embroidery workshop next month.  13 people are interested in using the elephant like the one Danny brought for show and tell a few months ago.  Danny will put together a supply list asap and she and Alyssa will get a paypal button on the website and announce to members so they can buy a kit or gather the needed supplies for next month's Embroidery with Danny meeting which is at Scrapbooks ETC—new location.   If members prefer to just practice the stitches and not work on the elephant they are welcome to do that.  Kits will be under ten dollars—price to be determined.  DMC is generously donating the floss we need.

Someone asked about why member links are not all live on the blog.  Alyssa will be switching us from Blogger to Wordpress soon and will be updating the links at that time. 

There will be informational blog posts/emails coming about the requirements for:

1) block swapfor June ASAP by Chelsa,

2) Drunkard's Path Quiltalong-Kirstin and Tracy

3) Next challenge for July ?? by Cristy

Kirstin and Tracy showed the Quiltalong inspiration quilt and blocks for the drunkard’s path Quiltalong.  They asked for feedback on how much guidance members wanted and plan to blog and post links to a Sharon Schamber video and Alyssa’s blog since there are so many ways to construct the top.  More info to come.

Before our door prize giveaways we announced our sponsors who have donated to us.  Pink Chalk fabrics has donated a bundle of fabric as well as a twenty dollar gift certificate for us to give away at every meeting this year!  Michelle, one of our guests was the winner this month!  Treasure Bay is on Etsy and is giving members 10 percent off.  Scrapbooks, ETC is also giving us 10 percent off and is letting us meet at their store for FREE for the next three meetings and may become a regular venue until we outgrow it.  JoAnn’s will give us a 10 percent off card when we show our guild card as well.  Jona donated a book about applique which Cristy won!  Alyssa donated a copy of Modern Patchwork Magazine (which she has a pattern in!) and Jill won it. 

Alyssa also passed out a freebie from Quilter’s Dream Batting which has samples of their various battings and information about what each is used for.  They also donated batting for us for future giveaways.

We then had a 15 minute breakout session so that we could do our individual group things.  The Emerald Challenge participants and chair Cristy met, Lora, Alyssa, Nancy, Jen, Andee, Alyssa, Cristy, Becca and Tracy, won prizes and took photos.  Cristy has a prize for each participant that she had collected from vendors at QuiltCon.  (Cristy if you want to add more details about what came from where email me and we can add it in).  The next challenge is yet to be announced.

The Pincushion Swappers and Alyssa substituting for Chelsa met—Tracy, Lora, Ann, Bonnie, Kirstin, Becca, Andee, BJ, Nancy, Cristy, and Barb and swapped pincushions and took photos.  Next Swap is blocks and details will follow.

The Vitamin D Bee and chair Danny met and admired Carpenter Star (aka Swoon) blocks and new bee queen Kirstin showed her star block for next month and handed out fabric scraps in various colors. 

Someone announced Jona will be doing a book signing at the Bernina Connection on May 4th from 10-2 for her “Essential A Line” book and one of the members is looking forward to wearing a skirt she sews from the book at the next meeting.  (I can’t recall who—someone edit or tell me please).

1:45 PM Activity:   Workshop:  Alissa teaches Paper Piecing

For the next two hours or so Alissa walked around and individually helped people with paper piecing.  Members made either a pop bottle or a coffee cup.  A few members did other things and everyone socialized. 

Adjournment around 4:30 PM (??)

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