02.22.2013 February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Feb. 16, 2013 Meeting Minutes (Charity Sew-In at Jona's House)

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild

Date:  February 16th, 2013

How many people present 23 (by my count) 1:00 PM Welcome and machine set up/social time

1:15 PM Called  to Order by President Tiffany

Announcements:  Tiffany welcomed the new faces and we quickly went around and said our names.  For our March meeting-We will meet up at the AQG quilt show at 10 AM time on Saturday March 16th (9-4) .  Will plan to go to Main Street for lunch in small groups at noon.  Feel free to make plans with anyone you want to join.  Admission is $10.00 unless you are an AQG Member then it is $5.00 http://www.azquiltersguild.org/events.php?ID=115 Please pay as you arrive and get your hand stamped, then look for us outside the doors near the food area and tables and we can enter as a group.  We will NOT have a formal business meeting since three of the board members will be unable to attend.

Demonstration Day is not happening.  We have decided it is too hard to coordinate schedules for those who are teaching it and get the room as well.  Instead we will be scheduling workshops with members presenting on various topics.  We hope to have a schedule out soon--the first workshop is currently being planned for April.  Topics for our workshops include hand embroidery, applique, free motion quilting, etc.  We also will have a "topic of the month" for meetings in which we are not doing a workshop.  The way this works is members can bring in samples of say their quilt labels and we can have a round robin type discussion of what works and what people do.  We have brainstormed some topics such as thread, binding, etc.

Secretary’s Report: Presentation of the Meeting Minutes from January 17th, 2013.  Minutes approved and seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: was read by Tiffany If members wish to know the details they can request to see the info, we have decided not to post it on our public blog.  When we have a members only section on our website we will include information there.

Activity:   Charity Sew In of bags and backpacks BJ and Jacki demonstrated how to sew the drawstring bags.  They also discussed the first quilt we are in progress of making, someone remembered that Nedra thought we should donate it to Phoenix Quilts for victims of fire.  There was some discussion of sizes for donation quilts and twin size and lap size were the most popular options.  Twin size because kids who have lost their home to fire might need a bed quilt instead of a lap quilt.

While some members started sewing drawstring bags, others joined the  Mug Rug Swap Chelsa was leading.  After much admiration of the rugs and photos (if you have good photos add them to facebook!) we traded our rugs.  The next swap is in April and is pincushions.  There is no need to sign up, just show up in April with a pincushion and get in on the swap.

The Skillbuilder BOM Group and Limbania met and admired everyone's blocks and took pictures.  A few members already had next month's blocks done.  Everyone got a card to mark off each month when the blocks are done.  Angela has cards for those who signed up who were unable to attend.  We decided that you can get a punch for previous month's blocks anytime to still be eligible for the year end drawing.  Alyssa plans to find prizes for each month's finishers as well.  So if you want to join in the fun bring your blocks and we will get you going.  Limbania mentioned she will be needing some help running the group as she may need to miss meetings in the future, so if anyone wants to pair up with her as chair contact Angela.  Otherwise, Alyssa and Angela will assist Limbania.

The Vitamin D Bee (so dubbed by Alissa!) and Danny met to discuss their first block.  Danny is the Bee Queen this month and (Kirstin will be next month) brought a 24 inch Carpenter's Star block (along with cut fabric and kits) to pass out to the group.  They will complete them this month and will have blocks to show us and pass on to Danny next month.  The charity sew in continued and 39 drawstring bags were made.   Jona (and a few others) put out some scraps and chunks of fabric for members to take.  Jona supplied a stack of beautiful fabrics which Heidi won as a door prize.  BJ and Jacki provided prizes for everyone that was participating in the charity sew in too.  There was much socializing and the afternoon flew by!  By the end of the meeting we had 31 total members on our roster.  Thanks to all who brought snacks, supplies, fabric and to Jona (and her family) for letting us use her house.

Adjournment: 4:45 PM or so.If you have any changes or information to add to the minutes, please contact Angela.  Thanks!

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