01.22.2016 Lizzy House Class

Lizzy House Class

Fri, 22 Jan 2016 08:40:45, phxmqgsecretary, [category: etc]

Hello All! We're excited to announce that we have the paypal link set up for the Lizzy House Meadow classes in March. The class will be offered on March 11 (Friday) and 12th (Saturday) at ETC in

Mesa. It will be an all day class with times TBD. Cost for members is $100.00. To reserve your spot please visit the page:

PAGE: http://phoenixmodernquiltguild.com/lizzy2016members/

PASSWORD: phxmqgLIZZYmember

There is also a contact form that send an email to Michelle as treasurer. Name, email, checkbox that you are a PHXMQG member (yes, we'll verify!), drop down to pick Friday or Saturday, and drop

down for if you are going to use the PayPal button or you use the comments to arrange to pay Michelle directly.

Please note that you need to pay by January 31st to reserve your spot! On February 1st we'll be opening up the class to non-members.

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