2017 BOM

Smorgasblocks Quilt

This year’s Chair, Mel W.,  has selected the Smorgasblocks Quilt to do as a quilt-along for our BOM program!


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#PHXMQGBOM2017 #smorgasblocks and @eyecandyquilts – monthly featured designers listed below as well!

  1. January – No Y-Seam Feathered, read up on Eye Candy Quilts’ thoughts, and then sign up over on Threaded Quilting Studio’s site to get the free pattern. Reminder – you only need to do the 12″ block for our QAL+BOM.

    • @threadedquilting

  2. February – Make 7 Raspberry Kiss blocks, see instructions here

  3. March – Check out the Spinning Pyramids free pattern over on Robert Kaufman! There are 16 possible rotations of the patter, but you only need 4 for the BOM project. Make sure to leave 1/4″ seam allowance on the outside of your blocks for when we join them up together! 

  4. April – Scandi Windmill by No Hats Quilts is a beautiful block to add! It introduces curved piecing and incorporates a little more paper piecing. Make sure you add a quarter inch on all sides at the end so there’s room for this block to be attached into the larger quilt top! Here’s the write up on Eye Candy Quilts.

  5. May – The Twizzle! This eye-catching block is a stunner and is a great use of the half-rectangle triangle. We are going to be doing three of this block, and if you plan your colors ahead of time, you can get the look of a double-helix. When you follow the link to download the free pattern, keep in mind that it is for a whole quilt top, and you only need to make three! Wheee!!

  6. June – This month will be a bit of a break from sewing new blocks (read – catch up month), and we will be putting the blocks we already have together.

  7. July – Barn Bats! Aren’t these little guys the cutest?! Elizabeth Hartman gives a great free tutorial over on her site. 

  8. August – This month is another paper-pieced pattern, but it is the last of the paper-piecing patterns!  It’s called Whiskers, and the pattern can be downloaded from Craftsy or from the Smorgasblock blog post. There will also be some print-outs at the August meeting. The pattern has added the 1/4″ seam around the edges of the templates, but make sure to overlap and trim the sewn seam allowances to 1/4″. The pattern also comes with some helpful tips if people are new to paper-piecing. The cat block finishes at 15.5″.

    1. There is a mis-label! On the pattern, part F, numbers 2 and 3 are swapped! Once you get the hand of FPP this should pop out at you, too!

  9. September – It is traditional piecing this time, and simple to put together. My only tip is that if the background of the rest of the quilt thus far is a lighter color, then people may want to reverse the colors on this block so it pops out more. So, where it says “white” they might want to choose a contrast/darker color. Follow instructions from Eye Candy Quilts page or Hyacinth Quilt Designs

  10. October – Try your hand at Improv Piecing! This is a great way to dabble in some improvisational piecing, a technique employed in some modern quilt aesthetic perspectives – and you only need to do a little bit for one arrow for our BOM project! The unfinished block will be 4.5″ x 20″. Check out Grace and Favour’s tutorial here, or the original post from Eye Candy Quilts here.

  11. November – Almost there! Here and here are the links to the November tutorial. For those of you coming to the November meting, Mel has an Orange Peel template you can trace, 4-1/2″ is what the pattern calls for!

  12. December.... Coming soon!

Pssst…. If you want to work ahead, check out all the blocks here.

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