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Modern quilting has its roots in rebellion, in our desire to do something different, but simultaneously its feet are firmly planted in the field of tradition. Modern quilting is our response to what has come before. We are quilters first, modern quilters second.

We have a request for help from member Cassie Howard. She is once again gathering bow tie blocks to provide quilts for a family after the loss of two children in a recent car accident in her community. Details on the blocks will be posted on our website, and will soon be posted at Further, feel free to reach out to Cassie for more details: @seecassiemake
Earlier this year, we coordinated donations for our quilting friends at the Navajo Elders Quilting Project. They received the supplies we sent and used these to make masks and distribute fabric to elders.  This community has been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus and remains under curfew.  We are currently collecting supplies that we will ship to the Navajo Elders Quilters Project.  If you are interested in donating supplies please email
  • Needles – both hand and sewing machine variety

  • Thread

  • Fabric

If you prefer to donate money, we will use the donations to purchase supplies and cover shipping. Use the button below to donate. 

Thanks to Blair for spending time with us on Sept. 12, 2020

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